Youssef Faltas
creative web developer


I'm a creative front‑end developer with 5+ years of professional experience, based in Prague.

I build rich web environments using the most sophisticated technologies available today for interactive and responsive websites.

I have worked on company websites, portfolios of visual artists, and data visualization projects. Each project is a process of building custom solutions to fit the goal at hand.

What I do

Web Design
Interaction Design

When designing for the web, the two key elements I focus on are simplicity and the creation of an aesthetic that reflects the spirit of the project at hand.

My user experience building practice is influenced by my work as a new media artist and experimenting with various interaction possibilities. In each project, I hope to create an intuitive and original navigataion structure that all users would enjoy exploring.

Tools I use

  • Pen and paper
  • Inkscape
  • Gimp

Web Development
Data Visualization

Developing a rich web experience for all browsers and to function on all devices can be a hassle, but I learned that using tools that fit each project helps simplify and streamline the development process.

My process relies on experimenting often with cutting edge web technology and is closely tied to design. What I aim to achieve is a creative mix between design and development in order to enhance the user expeirence.

Tools I use

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • Javascript
    • React
    • p5.   D3.   Three
    • Storybook
  • Git

Freelance Projects

A Dictionary of the Revolution

Visualization of the inter-connections between new words that entered political dialogue following the January 2011 revolution in Egypt.

Syria on the Move

A photomapping web app which gives a voice to Syrians in exile by enabling them to communicate with others through photography.

Agnes Michalczyk

Portfolio of the artworks of Agnes Michalczyk

The Choir Project

The Choir Project invites people from all walks of life to put their hopes and concerns, their feelings and thoughts, their jokes and woes into song.

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